Let the FeedbackGame Online

BOOST Motivation and Job Satisfaction

in teams and among co-workers
The Feedbackgame contribute to a healthy and engagement work environment
Its Smart, Simpel and Fun and we guarantee value in the engaging exercises.
Online version
For teams working remote. 2-8 players
Boardgame version
FEEdback Online
· One game
· 2-8 players
· English and Swedish
· 1 295 SEK
feedback Online +
get acquainted
· 10 games
30 days activation
· 2-8 players
· English and Swedish
· 4 995 SEK
feedback Online +
get acquainted
· 75 games
· 6 months activation
· 2-8 players
· English and Swedish
· 9 995 SEK
FEEdback Boardgame
· 1 cardbox (140 cards)
· 2-16 players
· English and Swedish
· Playtime 10-90 min/game
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For a better work climate and motivated people

FeedbackGame offers a lot of communication exercises. The most popular exercise is Give and Get Feedback. Our Strenghts and Weakness cards help you to find the right words to show appreciation, but also strenghtens your relationships to your colleagues. By exploring the emotional strenghts by sharing your view and insights, and listen to others will give you great value.
“New way to learn insights about myself and my colleagues”
From A Feedbackgame user
“I am surprised it worked so well, and it was good fun”
From A Feedbackgame user
“Fun way to learn a difficult topic”
From A Feedbackgame user
“Great tips how to give critical feedback”
From A Feedbackgame user
“I am chocked and so happy about the warm and honest feedback"
From A Feedbackgame user
“Easy to use and gives you a lot of possibilites“
From A Feedbackgame user


We also offer

lectures & practices

Collaborative and motivated teams are a competitive advantage in todays rapidly and competitive world. We want to help you on your journey to develop people and organizations. We are passionated consultants who aim to support you in your business development for a great workplace with motivated people, collaborative and happy teams.  Our communication tools will help you to get an open, honest and empowered culture where people wants to grow and develop. Try us!
Happy Teams - Job Satisfaction and motivation
Job Satisfaction and Motivation are keys to successful teams and employees. We share tools, insights and practises how to build and improve work climate and motivation.
· Get Keys to find your flow & motivation
· Communication and collaboration
· Strenghts and weakness
Be brave and invite Feedback as a critical successfactor to your culture, organisations and individuals.
Our workshops and exercises give wonderful insights and build the fundamental psychological safety for how to grow, develop and maintain people at their best.
We will share:
· Fundamental learnings about how we look upon each other
· How to give positive and critical feedback that drives motivation and happiness
· How to be aware of your strenghts and weaknesses, both as a team and individuals
As a Leader/Manager, you have a responsibility to develop both the business and employees' abilities and competencies for the best value and performance. We give you as a leader insights into healthy and successful leadership.
· Self-insight leadership
· Delegating leadership
· Give feedback with value
· Build trust and confidence