Workshops & trainings


Why is Teambuilding so important? Employees with a strong commitment to its team and a strong Team-feeling are more succesful then others. A strong team has the drive and motivation to succeed, collaborate and drive to achieve towards common goals.

We inspire and guide you to what are caracteristics for a successful team, how to build a strong team and at the same time continuously develop the teams abilities and way of working.

Our exercises strenghten the team and we give  tools that build motivation and a strong collaboration.  The work satisfaction will go high among other value outcomes.

- Develop a teams strenghts and weaknesses
- Get to know each other
- Insights and understanding of a great collaboration and tools
- We feeling
- My role in this - self insights

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Trainings/Coaching sessions

Feedback coach - Facilitator

Develop and practise your abilities and skills in leading and facilitating team´s in Feedback. Give and get positive and critical feedback and also how to maintain a positive feedback culture.

As a facilitator you will be given inspiration, tools and exercises in  

- Self insights - Strenghts/Weaknesses
- Give positive and critical feedback
- Receive Feedback
- Develop a Feedback culture
- Tools as Feedbackgame

One physical game and one digital game will be included in the training.

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